How To Enlarge Penis Naturally


These are the exact steps on how to enlarge penis naturally. By no means am I a good writer but after almost going through a mental melt down of not feeling adequate enough I wrote this to help other men who have suffered like me. My journey began over five years ago and I was scammed alot of times and wasted a huge amount of money. This is the best way I can describe exactly what I did on how to enlarge penis naturally by two inches and you can do the same also! I would like to share this report with as many men as possible because I'm just returning the favor to all the people who helped me on this journey. Please feel free to share my story with others at the bottom of the page. Thanks and good luck! Tyler Wilson

Here's My Story

What brought you here is the same reason that brought thousands of other men to my website and that's the desire on how to enlarge penis natually. I have helped many men from around the world acheive bigger penis size and will do the same for you if you can follow simple instructions. I am going to share with you the exact method I used to naturally enlarge my penis by two inches and have been sharing this method with other men who gained the same success. This is not a "Get Big Quick Scam" so if your looking for that good luck cause you won't find it here. Been there done that!! Spent thousands and didn't get no increase in penis size from all the ads that I have bought products from through the years. What I am going to share with you is how to enlarge penis natually that works and I have many satisfied men that I have helped acheived their dream of increasing penis size by following this method..

My journey began over many years ago while dating a woman I deeply cared for. I thought she was the one that I would spend the rest of my life with she was beautiful, funny ,sexy, nice tits and ass! Yet it wasn't until I found out that she was unhappy with our sex life. She later informed several women about my penis size and I was the end joke of many functions while we were together. I learned after the relationship had ended that she confided in one of my closest female friends the reason she left me was that the size of my penis did nothing for her sexually. I can still hear those words in my ear until this day and that's what started a burning desire inside to get a bigger penis by any means. My erect size at the time was a little under five inches and I was goning to change that cause I was determined!

The firsrt method that I started to investigate was penis surgery and I have to admit I was all for it. I went to see the doctor several times to talk about the procedure before I was convinced that I was going to do it. I had saved up enough money for the sugery and it wasn't cheap about $12,000.00 with a 75% chance that everything would work after the surgery. Well a funny thing is I went to the doctor's office to fill out more paper work before the surgery and witnessed a patient of the doctor in tears while I was sitting in the waiting room. When your in public and someone is just crying tears of pain you can't help but ask are you okay. That simple question saved me cause the man that was crying explained to me that he was coming back for his third time for penis sugery again cause he couldn't get an erection any more since he had the first surgery. I then immediatly canceled my surgery and wouldn't advise penis surgery to any man after seeing the pain and tears of that man. DO NO GET A PENIS SURGERY!

After being let down by the penis surgery incident I fell victim to almost every penis enlargement ad you could name that was marketed on televison, internet, magazines and at sex shops. I would buy these items hoping that what it promised would happen I was let down many times. I tried to contact the makers of these penis enlargement products to make sure I was doing the correct procedure with the product but to no avail I could never get in touch with a real person or they were always hiding behind a website and e mail. This through up a red flag to me that these people were scammers and didn't stand behind their product so niehter was I. It took a while to weed through all the bullshit to find the real programs that work and once I found them they had four things in common that became by guide to buying penis enlargement products and works every time. I advise you to use this anytime you are tempted to buy a penis enlargement product because if it doesn't meet the guidlelines then its a scam trust me.

Here are the guidelines I used to find real penis enlargement products that work!

1.Quality of Ingredients - I analyzed the different products, and examined the potency and quantity of each system as well. This is to ensure that the penis enlargement products aren't made from cheap materials that only provide minimal results

2.User Results - I gathered reviews and testimonials from customers of these penis enlargement products to see how well they actually work. Both products below had the highest satisfaction rate in the industry, and the most positive user results.

3.Overall Value - I analyzed what each company is offering in terms of pricing, free bonuses, shipping, and guarantee.

4.Money-Back Guarantee - I made sure that each penis enlargement product had an iron-clad money back guarantees. It's important to know that you can return a particular product if it doesn't do everything that the company promises it will do.

The above four guidelines started putting real quality products in my life and I encourage you to use them any time your tempted by the latest fad in the penis enlargement market to avoid being ripped off. You see once I followed these guidelines I came across good programs and products that actually worked. I'm going to explain the products and programs that produced the results below.

The Results!

1.Penis Enlargement Exercises

The second effort I made at penis enlargement after being let down by the penis sugery was penis exercises and boy was I surprised. I had always heard of penis exercises but never thought they really worked I was wrong. Yet my first mistake I made was to search online for free info on penis exercises. Granted that you do come across some good info online but the amount of time you spend surfing for the best information could take months then you still don't have any gaurantee that your performing the exercise correctly so who could you ask for help.

So one day I decided to join a penis exercise website to see what it was all about and I was really amazed. The wealth of information was up to date and the videos were clear with good quality audio so you could follow instructions but the added bonus was a community of over ten thousand members all with the same goal in mind increasing our penis size. There I met alot of follow users that shared the different techniques that worked and gave the most gains. If your trying to loose weight you get a trainer to help guide you in the correct eating habits and exercises you need to perform in order to loose weight. The same goes with penis exercises, the wealth of information and the help of a personal coach you can contact to make sure your on the right path far out weighs the small fee once you start to see a gain in penis size.

There are a lot of penis exercises that work to build and increase the size of your penis by increasing blood flow inside the penis thus making it bigger. My first penis exercise was jelqing and then I advanced to many other different methods. Penis exercises do work and after doing the exercises I did gain half an inch in penis size by following a weekly routine and sticking to my penis exercises program with stronger, harder bigger erections. You will not see any results if you don't stick to the program but if you do you will enjoy all the benefits of a much bigger penis. Below are the best penis enlargement exercise websites you will find online! Click the links below to find out more info that works!




2.Penis Devices

It was through bieng a member of a penis exercise program that I found out about penis extenders. It was the talk of the members section and many men where boasting that they were getting bigger gains in length. While the buzz was going on I stuck to my penis exercises until I read a post by a member who had suffered with a small penis his whole life and was so happy to gain an inch after 1 month of using the penis extender.

So you know what I did I talked to as many users of the penis extenders as I could to see if the results that they say many men were getting was true and I found alot of happy men telling stories of how they slept with women trying out there new bigger longer tool. The temptation was just too great so I bought a penis extender and they were right. PENIS EXTENDERS DO WORK! You will see a big gain in penis length with extenders and the device is simple to use.

I used a extender for six months and combined with the penis exercises I did earlier my erect length was at six inches I had gained an inch in penis size in less than 2 months I couldn't belive it. The first thing i did with my new size was to have sex with as many women as I could and it felt great. My confidence was up an I felt like a porn star in the bed and it was after I gained my first inch in penis size that women began talking about the sex they had with me which spread quickly.

You see when women get a good penis in them they can't help but bragg and tell their friends about it and the sex. My name was changing and women were looking at me in a different way. I advise anyone to use a penis extender nothing can can compare to the look of a woman's eyes when she see's a juicy hard bigger penis. There are only two penis extenders that are ranked highly the others are garbage. Below are the best two! Click the reviews to read what men are saying after using penis devices!

ProExtender Review

Sizegenetics Review

3.Penis Enlargement Pills

If your a man and have been online a while you see all the ads for penis enlargement pills that are at every corner of the internet. Many of these ads are for worthless products that give penis enlargement a bad name. Most men don't understand that the pills work by increasing the blood flow to the penis giving you harder, bigger and stronger erections but you must do penis exercises or use a penis extender to see results faster.

When I started to take penis enlargement pills I noticed a big diffrerence in my non erect state of my penis. It hung longer looked more fuller and the veins in my penis became larger so when I did get an erection I had a hard throbbing penis. Once I did penis exercises or used a penis device I noticed week by week how much larger my penis was becoming and it made we want to go and have sex with more women. Having an increase in penis size does boost your ego and you just want to share it with the world!

The quality of many penis enalargement pills are worhtless compared to these brands below so I would avoid all others! Trust me these are the pills that thousands of men are using to get bigger penis size. Below are the top brands. Click the pills below to get more info!

Vigrx Plus Pills

ProSolution Pills

Male Extra Pills

4.Penis Enlargement Patches

The first time I tried these I was shocked! Penis patches are new to the market and making a big hit in the bedroom surpassing Viagra recently. The patches work by applying them to the skin and the natural ingredients are transmitted into your body though the skin in less than five minutes. The patches work to increase the blood flow to the penis giving rock hard strong erections.

Unlike pills which have to travel through the entire digestive system to take efffect penis enlargement patches works in less than five minutes and stays active for 72 hours! These are great to use after doing penis exercises or using a penis device cause it keeps the blood flowing to the penis and you can feel the throbbing effect.

Women will tell you how they love how hard your penis feels cause whenever I have a date I put a patch below my stomach for a rock hard penis that never goes down! I noticed using patches my penis would become erect if I just looked at a woman's ass! The best penis enlargement patches are below and use 100% natural ingredients click each below to find out more infromation!.

ProEnhance Patch

Maxiderm Patch

5. Penis Oils & Creams

After many months as a member of a penis exercise website I had made some good penis size gains but noticed my penis would be a liittle sore after work outs or using a penis device. Late one nite while chatting with the other members a guy was chatting about the use of penis oils & creams and how he was just in love with them. He kept saying that you could feel the sensation all over your penis when you applied it and it worked great with penis exercises. Many other members joined in the chat which later ended up in a forum post with over 3500 men replying thanks for letting me know these products where available.

Penis Oils & Creams are great cause you apply them directly to the penis and have also been known to increase the size of your penis head making it bigger. Also good to use for a nice massage! These products work to increase the blood flow to the penis and most react in less than five minutes after applying! I use these when ever I can't do a penis exercise or use a penis device to help the blood flow keep flowing and to enhance my rock hard erections. After finding out about these I put them in my regiment! Here are the best products to use so you can get the same results! Click the links below!

VigRx Oil

ProEnhance Gel


You Can Enlarge Your Penis Naturally!

It was a rough ride but I never gave up and did find the best male enhancement products after wasting alot of time and money! Would I do it all over again? YES! Cause until you experience the look in a woman's eyes as she see's a nice hard big penis and looking at it with desire it's a feeling I could never give up now. Natural penis enlargement does works just like body building. You have to put in the time and effort to see results. After some years I ran back into my old girlfriend that dumped me at a party of a mutual friend. The big difference this time is that my bigger penis size had changed my confidence and she was shocked to see how aggressive I was with other women at the party. She approached me while I was talking to a big breast blonde who was just laughing and talking to me about what I was doing later. That's when I was rudely interupted and began to talk to my ex girlfriend. When she started talking she keep saying how great I looked and that we should hang out sometimes so after like two hours of talking and drinking I ended up giving her a ride home.

It was when I was invited in her apartment I couldn't wait to have sex with her so I tried every move I could. We sat on her couch and after a minute all I knew was that I had her clothes off and she was on her knees between my legs and she said "Dam Tyler I don't remember your dick being this big!". Those words echo through my head every day! After finally satisfying the woman that hurt my mental state of mind so bad I dropped her after that nite. She was upset and couldn't figure out why I wouldn't want to be with here again and to be honest now she was just another notch on the belt for all the sex adventures that begun to happen. I never regret learning natural ways to increase my penis size and have shared my story with thousands of men who have thanked me many of times. Natural penis enlargement does work! Would I do it all over again? YES I WOULD!

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